Weekly Review – 03/22/2015

SL - Weekly Review

There’s another Monday upon us… Let’s get caffinated, take a quick break, and catch up on a few articles and videos from last week! How Caffeine Can Hurt Your Potential for Success [Article] – Recently, it was stated that 3-5 cups of coffee is good for you but here you go, another opinion. An interesting […]

Weekly Review – 03/08/2015

SL - Weekly Review

Oh snap!  It’s Monday and most of us are lacking at least an hour of sleep.  Time for that coffee with a shot of espresso in it!  Here are some articles to help you procrastinate on this wonderful Monday. 16 Entrepreneurial Books Successful CEOs Swear By [Article] – Hmm… I’ve only read a couple of […]

Do we still have freedom of speech?

Freedom of Opinion

These are my own thoughts and opinions. They do not reflect the opinions of my employer. How often do you see this? Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter if you have this disclaimer. Anyone that reads your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other types of updates will probably associate your thoughts with your employer or other entities […]

Weekly Review – 02/22/2015

SL - Weekly Review

Did you get pummeled by a snowstorm that has a name this weekend?  Really, do we need to name winter storms now!?  Anyways, if your internet went down due to some named storm, here’s what you may have missed. 300 Awesome Free Things [Article] – An awesome list of resources for entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, […]