Weekly Review – 10/12/2014

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Did you grab that fresh cup of coffee?  No, time for another!  Yes, time for another!

Weekly Review – 10/06/2014

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Put something witty here.  I’ve got nothing… [sips coffee]

Weekly Review – 09/29/2014

Shea Laughlin - Coffee Break

Boy, it was a beautiful weekend here in Colorado!  There was some great hiking and some hot tubbing involved.  But… it’s time to get back to the grind.  Grab that large coffee and let’s get going!

Weekly Review – 09/15/2014

Shea Laughlin - Coffee Break

It’s been a little quiet here on the blog.  I just made a full pot of coffee and found some great links for you.  Check them out below!


If you’re looking for some information for your business or are planning on launching a product then these next links might be for you.

Weekly Review – 08/25/2014

Shea Laughlin - Coffee Break

It’s another Monday and it might be time to catch up on some random tech news.  At the very least, grab some sort of caffeinated beverage!