Weekly Review – 04/20/2014

Shea Laughlin - Coffee Break

Happy Easter, happy American Day to stuff your face and spend time with your family or, Happy Sunday where you can relax, watch a little Netflix and catch up on some random links to read.

  • 6 Changes Organizations Should Make Today [article] – Since I’m not at the top, #1 & #2 hit home for me.  Only go to meetings that have a clear agenda and let’s do something about those pesky annual reviews.  Feedback when it happens is much better than bottling it up for later on.
  • The single biggest reason most entrepreneurs fail in 2014 [article] – Not only does this impact entrepreneurs but technologists as well.  If you’re always looking for the next shiny thing, you’re not focusing on the present and taking action.
  • Bet You Didn’t Know About These Amazon Payment Services [article] – Not a fan of PayPal but need a way to accept payments on you website.  Maybe Amazon has your solution.
  • Best Free Data Recovery Tools [article] – Oops!  Did you accidentally permanently delete those photos, presentation, or other important file.  Chances are, it’s still on your computer – unless it’s been months or years…  Here are some tools to help you recovery those files.

Weekly Review – 11/25/2013

It might be time to spike your coffee with a little kick… like B vitamins, shot of espresso, or something to keep going!  It’s starting to get cold here in MN and we can use all the help that we can get.  For those folks that get to enjoy an iced coffee this morning because it’s warm out – I’m jealous!

These people, he said, were slowly and gently nudged out. “They were replaced by younger, cheaper talent that had its ears to the ground and could adjust to the changing nature of the company.”

Studies conducted in Japan found that drinking tea correlated with reduced psychological distress. One study in particular found that, among a sample of 1,058 residents a lower prevalence of depressive symptoms.

Weekly Review – 11/11/2013

I’m a little late in posting today and it’s probably a little late to have some coffee.  So… have some tea instead!  I’m enjoying a little Earl Grey.

Weekly Review – 11/4/2013

Today is brought to you by some pumpkin flavored coffee from World Market!  The coffee is… meh.

Weekly Review – 10/20/2013

It’s a balmy 34 degrees (F) outside.  Definitely time for a cup of coffee, hot cocoa, or pumpkin spice latte.  Ok, I’ve never had a pumpkin spice latte but it sounds “ok”.

What did you read last week?