Weekly Review – What did you read this past week? 4/10

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#Minnebar – Titanium Mobile – Native Mobile Applications in JavaScript

Presenter: Kevin Whinnery
Email: KevinWhinnery@gmail.com
Twitter: @KevinWhinnery

In lieu of learning Objective C or Java to develop an iPhone/Android app there is another way! Kevin’s presentation encompassed the use of Titanium Mobile (TM). TM allows anyone to build apps faster by allowing the developer to use web technologies (JavaScript) to build native mobile applications.

Developer Note: In order to develop with TM you will need to have the native SDKs installed. It was recommended that you preload the Android SDK prior to TM (supposedly it takes a while to load).

Titanium Mobile Benefits/Features:

  • Cross Platform
    • iPhone
    • Android
    • Blackberry (soon!)
  • Real Native Apps
  • Open Source (free!)
  • Social API integration – there are some good Facebook examples
  • Data Access – connect to SQL databases
  • Integrated Analytics

Here are some real examples of apps that were created using TM:

A dditional Help/Resources: