Weekly Review – 4/14/2013

Grab something caffeinated, now!  Ok, now that you have a fresh cup of something, here’s some neat stuff to check out from last week.

  • 1993 vs. 2013 [Image] – Thank you Reddit!
  • Cold Composting [Article] – If you don’t have room for composting or if you’re lazy like me to do it the right way then this might be for you.  Be warned, this might be kind of gross and smelly.
  • Where’s Dick Schulze? [Article] – I do remember being in line for Caribou with Robert Stephens.  What are your thoughts on this article?
  • The Best Conference Hack – Sit in the Front Row [Article] – I did this at Minnebar last weekend and it does work.  I was more engaged and you get to make a better connection (eye contact) with the speaker.
  • What’s in your Bag? [Website] – Yes, I spent at least an hour today looking at all of these.  There’s a lot of neat gadgets out there!

Weekly Review – 12/10/2012

If you’re here in MN then grab your coffee, take a break from shoveling, and put your feet up.  If you’re not here in MN, your back is thanking you right about now.

Follow Friday – Robert Stephens

Shea Laughlin - Follow Friday 0706

This week’s Follow Friday recipient is…

Image Source: RobertStephens.com

I’ve been following Robert Stephens for quite some time now – even more since I started working at Best Buy.  In my mind, Stephens is the CTO that every company should have: technical, challenging the status quo, and not afraid to try new things.  I firmly believe that he could have driven Best Buy to some awesome achievements but this post isn’t about that.

Here are two recent videos with Stephens that have spurred the entrepreneurial bug in my ear again and got the creative juices going again.


Weekly Review – 4/8/2012

Top off your coffee and check out some of these interesting links from last week…

Weekly Review – What did you read this past week? 3/6

Top off your cup of coffee, sit down, take a deep breath, and read something interesting.

Sorry for the barrage of Apple articles… It was a big week and a half!