Weekly Review – 03/22/2015

SL - Weekly Review

There’s another Monday upon us… Let’s get caffinated, take a quick break, and catch up on a few articles and videos from last week! How Caffeine Can Hurt Your Potential for Success [Article] – Recently, it was stated that 3-5 cups of coffee is good for you but here you go, another opinion. An interesting […]

Weekly Review – 01/18/2015

SL - Weekly Review

The first post of 2015!  Sorry it took so long but there’s been a plethora of things going on.  Travel back to MN to visit family, sales kickoff for work, and some 2015 planning.  Regardless, here are some good reads. An Eject Button Makes These Plugs Easier To Remove [Article] – Do we really need […]

Weekly Review – 12/14/2014

SL - Weekly Review

I’m not feeling that inspired today…  Regardless, here are some links from the week and maybe I’ll go make another coffee. Watching the amazing skills of this baker is almost hypnotizing [Video] – Sometimes you just need to have a little fun while on the job. Aviation Geek Has A Plane To Himself And Takes […]

Weekly Review – 10/06/2014

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Put something witty here.  I’ve got nothing… [sips coffee] Why Both Coffee and Tea are Good for You [Article] – Definitely coffee in the morning and then tea in the evening. This is how the best bagels in the world were made back in 1979 [Video] – I wouldn’t have guessed that they were boiled for […]

Weekly Review – 09/15/2014

It’s been a little quiet here on the blog.  I just made a full pot of coffee and found some great links for you.  Check them out below!  Everything you need to know about running a successful webinar [Article] – Are you planning on getting your product up and running?  How about a live demo […]