Weekly Review – 01/27/2014

Today is going to be a very caffeinated day.  But guess what, coffee is good for you!  It’s on the internet so it must be true - 11 Surprising Benefits Of Coffee That Make It More Irresistable

Weekly Review – 01/12/2014

ZOINKS!  Sorry folks, this post managed to get stuck in draft status.  Better late than never?

Wohoo!  Here’s the first Weekly Review for 2014.  Yeah… I didn’t write one last week.  Instead, I was enjoying a good cup of coffee, family time, and the holiday spirit.  Regardless, here are some of the goodness that I read last week.

Weekly Review – 10/7/2013

Just in time for a little Monday night relaxing or Tuesday morning reading.  Here’s some links to take a break too!

Apple Switched The Connector – Get Over It!

Lightning connector

Source: Flickr – randychiu

I originally wrote this post right after the iPhone 5 came out but never published it… Now that Apple announce the new iPads, I thought it was appropriate again.

Did you notice that there was a lot of angry consumers when the announced that Lightning connectors for the iPad?  Yeah, people tend to freak out.

With the announcement of the iPhone 5 Apple has announced that they will be using the Lightning connector/interface. I for one am excited for this change but there are many folks that are frankly, pissed off.

Apple has already created an adapter, for a mere $30, for you to use with all of your old cords. Granted, Apple made the 30pin connector their standard in 2002 when they release of the 3rd generation iPod.

[Soap Box]

Do you hold on the the past and buy a couple of adapters?


Do you embrace the change and accept the fact that they changed their interface?

MOVE ON and ACCEPT! Apple will use probably use this interface for future devices (the new iPad). You will have spent more money buying adapters for your current cords than embracing the change of the future. Innovation and evolution can take people by surprise but it’s up to you to change or embrace the old ways – The choice is yours

[/Soap Box]

Side Note – it would have been better to go to the mini-USB and then we wouldn’t have any problems…  Then again, Apple wouldn’t be able to profit from that.

Weekly Review – 10/1/2012

Here’s a great way to end your weekend or ease into Monday morning… Don’t forget your morning coffee!