Weekly Review – 09/15/2014

Shea Laughlin - Coffee Break

It’s been a little quiet here on the blog.  I just made a full pot of coffee and found some great links for you.  Check them out below!


If you’re looking for some information for your business or are planning on launching a product then these next links might be for you.

Weekly Review – 08/25/2014

Shea Laughlin - Coffee Break

It’s another Monday and it might be time to catch up on some random tech news.  At the very least, grab some sort of caffeinated beverage!

Weekly Review – 08/18/2014

Shea Laughlin - Coffee Break

Oh yeah!  Another Monday!  Ok, maybe you’re not as excited and need to ease into it.  Here are some links that I found interesting last week.

Weekly Review – 08/11/2014

Shea Laughlin - Coffee Break

I don’t know about you, but this last week was pretty slow on tech news… After some digging, I found some articles that might be of interest.  Oh yeah, iPhone 6 – September 9th!

Weekly Review – 08/04/2014

Shea Laughlin - Coffee Break

It’s another beautiful day here in Colorado but for some reason, I’m just not ready to go on this Monday.  Why not try some Fast Lane!  It’s a highly caffeinated tea that has more caffeine in one cup than a cup of coffee.  Also, it’s made right here in Colorado!  Ok, I have some but haven’t tried it yet.  Let’s get back to the news!

Weekly Review – 07/28/2014

Shea Laughlin - Coffee Break

Take a look outside… It’s another beautiful Monday.  Ok, at least it is here in Colorado.  I already had one cup of coffee and I’m on my way to the second.  Here are some interesting reads from last week.

What tech and entrepreneurship news did you read last week?  Please share in the comments below!

Weekly Review – 07/21/2014

Shea Laughlin - Coffee Break

Hola amigos!  It’s that time again… yup, it’s Monday.  Grab a giant cup of coffee, Red Bull, or your caffeine of choice and enjoy some good reads from last week.

Weekly Review – 07/14/2014

Shea Laughlin - Coffee Break

Whoa!  4th of July, camping, family time, and bears!  Ok, there weren’t any bears but I was off the grid for a bit.  Grab a coffee and read some tech and entrepreurship!

Weekly Review – 06/30/2014

Shea Laughlin - Coffee Break

Ok folks, let’s start off the week right!  First, grab your favorite caffeinated beverage and check out some links below.  Lastly, have a great day.

Weekly Review – 06/23/2014

Shea Laughlin - Coffee Break

Ready or not, it’s Monday!  Hopefully you had a good weekend and now you’re ready to kickstart your week.  Here are some interesting and inspiring articles to help.

  • So You Want To Go Backpacking For The Very First Time [Article] – If you’re already looking forward to the upcoming weekend then this might be the ticket for you.  Just remember, you don’t need super expensive gear to enjoy the outdoors.
  • 20 tips to boost your iPhone battery life [Article] – Whether you’re hiking or going from meeting to meeting, you might need to squeeze as much battery life from you iPhone.  When we’re hiking or driving through the mountains, I turn off wifi and LTE and it seems to help with the battery drain.
  • How to go completely paperless with iOS [Article] – One solution that wasn’t mention a lot was Evernote.  Evernote is fantastic for going paperless!  Not only can you upload text, documents, and images, but Evernote will also allow you to search on all of the text within those documents.  Great for business card scanning too!
  • Butter in Your Coffee? The Bulletproof Craze, Explained. [Article] – This just doesn’t seem right…