Weekly Review – 7/21/2013

Look at that… published on Sunday and not Monday morning.  Regardless, I’m still drinking a cup of coffee!  Have a great rest of your weekend or start of your week.

Weekly Review – 7/15/2013

Grab a night cap if you’re reading this on Monday night or grab a cup of something if you’re reading this on Tuesday morning.

Weekly Review – 6/24/2013

Time for some coffee!!!  or tea, water, or whatever your morning beverage of choice is.  Here are some interesting reads from last week.

Weekly Review – 5/12/2013 – Video Edition!

Still a little tired from the weekend?  Not looking forward to Monday morning…?  Here are some videos to ease you in to the week.

Incredible Slow Motion Lightning Strike! (1 sec. = 3 min!)

How to Shave Like Your Grandpa | AoM Instructional

Macworld Cover Creation

How Its Made – Hot Sauce

How Many Drugs Can You Buy For $20 Around The World?

Weekly Review – 4/22/2013

Grab a nightcap if you’re reading this on Monday night or grab some caffeine if it’s Tuesday morning!

Weekly Review – 4/14/2013

Grab something caffeinated, now!  Ok, now that you have a fresh cup of something, here’s some neat stuff to check out from last week.

  • 1993 vs. 2013 [Image] – Thank you Reddit!
  • Cold Composting [Article] – If you don’t have room for composting or if you’re lazy like me to do it the right way then this might be for you.  Be warned, this might be kind of gross and smelly.
  • Where’s Dick Schulze? [Article] – I do remember being in line for Caribou with Robert Stephens.  What are your thoughts on this article?
  • The Best Conference Hack – Sit in the Front Row [Article] – I did this at Minnebar last weekend and it does work.  I was more engaged and you get to make a better connection (eye contact) with the speaker.
  • What’s in your Bag? [Website] – Yes, I spent at least an hour today looking at all of these.  There’s a lot of neat gadgets out there!

Weekly Review – 3/31/2013

I’M BACK!  Start your week out with some of these posts and stay tuned for some new and original comment later this week.  Thanks for sticking with me!

Weekly Review – 2/10/2013

It’s Monday!  Here are some interesting reads from last week.  Oh yeah, don’t forget your beverage of choice!

Weekly Review – 2/4/2013

It’s another Monday and this is being posted too late in the evening… Time got away today.  Regardless, grab a beverage, snack, or take a break and catch up on something interesting from last week.

Today’s bonus is another HBR article -

Weekly Review – 1/27/2013

It’s another Monday… Grab some coffee or tea and catch up on some reading material from last week.  When you’re done, accomplish one of your goals today!