Weekly Review – 06/08/2014

Ok, time to do something productive and kick off the week right.  Here are some good reads from last week to get those brain juices flowing. 15 productivity tips for a startup parent [Article] – Don’t be distracted by the title.  Most of these, if not all can be applicable to anyone in the workforce. How […]

Weekly Review – 06/02/2014

Hey Folks!  It’s that time again to refill your coffee cup and celebrate the new week.  If nothing else, hopefully the caffeine will keep you going today. The importance of being on time (and why we often run late) [Article] – There is nothing more frustrating that waiting on someone.  It’s even more frustrating when […]

Weekly Review – 04/20/2014

Happy Easter, happy American Day to stuff your face and spend time with your family or, Happy Sunday where you can relax, watch a little Netflix and catch up on some random links to read. 6 Changes Organizations Should Make Today [article] – Since I’m not at the top, #1 & #2 hit home for […]

Weekly Review – 03/17/2014

Ok… Help me out… My ask – make a comment below if you actually read my weekly review. Consider this week a test.  I really enjoy reading and sharing the top posts I read every week but I’m not sure if you do. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Warmest Regards, Shea

Weekly Review – 03/10/2014

Well, there wasn’t anything to report last week… This week is a little slim.  Regardless, here we go! Every Outlet Cover Should Be an LED Nightlight By Default [Article] – Add a couple of USB receptacles and this would be golden! Want to work at a startup? Nail these 9 interview questions [Article] – Honestly, […]

Weekly Review – 02/23/2014

Today was brought to you by some awesome fresh air and plenty of caffeine!  We explored some of the local scenery and went snowshoeing.  Thus, I’m writing this now before I crash from all of the fresh air. 46 Small Business Facebook Pages to Follow [Article] – If you need some inspiration or are looking […]

Weekly Review – 02/16/2014

Oh yeah!  Here’s the first weekly review from Colorado!  Last week’s post was did not occur due to the big move.  However, I’m back!  This three-year-old pizza won’t kill you [Article] – I like pizza, a lot, but I’m not sure about this. 10 Tips To Booking More Brides Using Skype Or FaceTime [Article + […]

Weekly Review – 02/02/2014

Today seems more like a tea day at the moment…  Then again, it is Super Bowl Sunday – maybe a different type of beverage is in order?  If you need a break from the big game or a little pre-game, here’s some interesting reads from last week. Why You Need a Daily Prioritization Meeting [Article] […]

Weekly Review – 01/27/2014

Shea Laughlin - Coffee Break

Today is going to be a very caffeinated day.  But guess what, coffee is good for you!  It’s on the internet so it must be true – 11 Surprising Benefits Of Coffee That Make It More Irresistable 7 Habits Highly Effective People Don’t Have [Article] – “They don’t blame others when things go wrong.” is probably […]