Weekly Review – 08/04/2014

It’s another beautiful day here in Colorado but for some reason, I’m just not ready to go on this Monday.  Why not try some Fast Lane!  It’s a highly caffeinated tea that has more caffeine in one cup than a cup of coffee.  Also, it’s made right here in Colorado!  Ok, I have some but […]

Weekly Review – 07/28/2014

Take a look outside… It’s another beautiful Monday.  Ok, at least it is here in Colorado.  I already had one cup of coffee and I’m on my way to the second.  Here are some interesting reads from last week.  Bulletproof Backup Strategies For Digital Photographers [Video + Article] – There are some good recommendations for non-photographers […]

Weekly Review – 07/21/2014

Hola amigos!  It’s that time again… yup, it’s Monday.  Grab a giant cup of coffee, Red Bull, or your caffeine of choice and enjoy some good reads from last week. This Kickstarter promises a magnetic charger for the iPhone [Article] – I’ve been waiting and wanting this feature ever since I owned an Apple laptop […]

Weekly Review – 07/14/2014

Whoa!  4th of July, camping, family time, and bears!  Ok, there weren’t any bears but I was off the grid for a bit.  Grab a coffee and read some tech and entrepreurship! 15 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do Every Day [Article] – Looks like I have a ways to go… I might do about half of […]

Weekly Review – 06/30/2014

Ok folks, let’s start off the week right!  First, grab your favorite caffeinated beverage and check out some links below.  Lastly, have a great day. Facebook tinkered with users’ feeds for a massive psychology experiment [Article] – I actually find this interesting.  Would you leave Facebook because of this? Cellphones, Then and Now [Article] – […]

Weekly Review – 06/23/2014

Ready or not, it’s Monday!  Hopefully you had a good weekend and now you’re ready to kickstart your week.  Here are some interesting and inspiring articles to help. So You Want To Go Backpacking For The Very First Time [Article] – If you’re already looking forward to the upcoming weekend then this might be the […]

Weekly Review – 06/08/2014

Ok, time to do something productive and kick off the week right.  Here are some good reads from last week to get those brain juices flowing. 15 productivity tips for a startup parent [Article] – Don’t be distracted by the title.  Most of these, if not all can be applicable to anyone in the workforce. How […]

Weekly Review – 06/02/2014

Hey Folks!  It’s that time again to refill your coffee cup and celebrate the new week.  If nothing else, hopefully the caffeine will keep you going today. The importance of being on time (and why we often run late) [Article] – There is nothing more frustrating that waiting on someone.  It’s even more frustrating when […]

Weekly Review – 04/20/2014

Happy Easter, happy American Day to stuff your face and spend time with your family or, Happy Sunday where you can relax, watch a little Netflix and catch up on some random links to read. 6 Changes Organizations Should Make Today [article] – Since I’m not at the top, #1 & #2 hit home for […]