Weekly Review – 02/23/2014

Shea Laughlin - Coffee Break

Today was brought to you by some awesome fresh air and plenty of caffeine!  We explored some of the local scenery and went snowshoeing.  Thus, I’m writing this now before I crash from all of the fresh air.

Weekly Review – 02/16/2014

Shea Laughlin - Coffee Break

Oh yeah!  Here’s the first weekly review from Colorado!  Last week’s post was did not occur due to the big move.  However, I’m back!

Weekly Review – 02/02/2014

Shea Laughlin - Coffee Break

Today seems more like a tea day at the moment…  Then again, it is Super Bowl Sunday – maybe a different type of beverage is in order?  If you need a break from the big game or a little pre-game, here’s some interesting reads from last week.


Weekly Review – 01/27/2014

Today is going to be a very caffeinated day.  But guess what, coffee is good for you!  It’s on the internet so it must be true – 11 Surprising Benefits Of Coffee That Make It More Irresistable

Weekly Review – 01/12/2014

ZOINKS!  Sorry folks, this post managed to get stuck in draft status.  Better late than never?

Wohoo!  Here’s the first Weekly Review for 2014.  Yeah… I didn’t write one last week.  Instead, I was enjoying a good cup of coffee, family time, and the holiday spirit.  Regardless, here are some of the goodness that I read last week.

Weekly Review – 12/23/2013

Christmas is nearly here, sickness, and cold are in the air.  Here are some last minute gadget gifts and tips for that favorite geek of yours!

Weekly Review – 11/25/2013

It might be time to spike your coffee with a little kick… like B vitamins, shot of espresso, or something to keep going!  It’s starting to get cold here in MN and we can use all the help that we can get.  For those folks that get to enjoy an iced coffee this morning because it’s warm out – I’m jealous!

These people, he said, were slowly and gently nudged out. “They were replaced by younger, cheaper talent that had its ears to the ground and could adjust to the changing nature of the company.”

Studies conducted in Japan found that drinking tea correlated with reduced psychological distress. One study in particular found that, among a sample of 1,058 residents a lower prevalence of depressive symptoms.

Weekly Review – 11/18/2013

It’s a gloomy and dreary day here in MN.  Might need some vitamin B12 or something to go along with today’s daily dose of caffeine.

Weekly Review – 11/11/2013

I’m a little late in posting today and it’s probably a little late to have some coffee.  So… have some tea instead!  I’m enjoying a little Earl Grey.

Weekly Review – 11/4/2013

Today is brought to you by some pumpkin flavored coffee from World Market!  The coffee is… meh.